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Piranha Slot Motors

Clover Leaf Racing, Slot Car Corner, and Slot Car Corner Canada have added one more valuable item to their ever-growing list of after-market options. The introduction of this motor is going to be very good news to many racing enthusiasts who are wanting a decent performing motor that fits a wide variety of models, at a price point that won't break the bank.

Enter The Piranha Slot Motor.

This is a standard FC-130 or commonly called Mabuchi "S" can motor. This motor type is found in a very large amount of our ready to run models.

21.5K RPM
165 g/cm Torque
Dual Shafts (2 MM)
5 inch pre-soldered, high quality motor lead wire.
3 Mounting Hole Can End (2 Outer Holes Pre-Tapped)

I do not have the equipment, nor see the need to to re-test this motor to "verify" these specifications. It has been thoroughly tested by the advanced enthusiasts at SCC, Clover Leaf Racing as well as other locations. I have no reason to question them. I am sure others will over time, but I think you will find these ratings to be very accurate.

The motor is double shafted and after checking all the samples the average length on each end 8.75 MM. This is pretty much standard for dual shaft motors. Having dual shafts allows you more installation options and is one of the most important things I look for when choosing a new motor. I want the option of using this motor in the widest variety of models possible and dual shafts accomplishes that.

I also want mounting holes, at least the 2 outer ones I will use most often. You may not think so, but not all motors have them and this adds value for me. Why? because in many cases you will want to secure this motor in the mount to reduce flex/movement under power. Even if you do not need them, having them here is a plus in my eyes.

I chose to install this motor in 2 configurations: Inline and Sidewinder. My models of choice were the Slot.it GT40 and Porsche 962C KH.  I chose these as they seemed the natural choice. I say this because the stock orange endbell motor in these models are not my favorite motor for our track. I feel the stock Slot.it motor is just too "punchy" with not much low end for smooth throttle control in the slower parts of the track. Even with after-market controllers to dial down the power these motors just do not function to my personal liking.

It also shows the motor in both endbell and can drive systems. For some models you will have to trim the shaft to fit. That is what I do to make sure the shaft clears the tires on many sidewinder cars. To do this I use the standard cut off disc in my Dremel.

This wheel slices through the shaft quickly as does no harm to the motor. I have been doing it this way for many years and have not damaged a motor yet.

I installed the motors using the wiring that was pre-installed. You may have to trim it to fit the way you prefer, but easier to take away than to add to. I also uses the SCC motor screws to secure them.

Testing these cars was a lot of fun and although higher RPM motors are not my style, I have to give credit where it is due. These motors have plenty of speed but they seem to have better control in the lower throttle range. In other words, not so "punchy". This impressed me as I fully expected them to react differently.

Lap times on our track were actually a little faster than stock due to this better control.
GT40 3.668 Average
Porsche 3.675 Average

Remember that this is on our modest home track. YOU will have to simply do your own testing to see if these motors hit that "sweet spot" we often hope to find.

At a price of only $7.99 that should be easily accomplished. I think that is a great price point for a motor that has these specifications, especially when it comes with high quality lead wire pre-installed.

In the end I think we have one more great motor choice in our hobby. I can easily see this motor being the choice for many clubs looking to find a faster than stock "spec" motor or even some proxy race events.
 Those looking for a new motor choice should look very closely at this new offering.

- Harry

As always, feel free to contact me about this article or the hobby in general.

Many Thanks To The Staff At Clover Leaf Racing, Slot Car Corner, and Slot Car Corner Canada

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