Time for rules again. This time directed at good old proxy racing. 

This kind of racing CAN be fun if you let it, however, some folks need a little reminder once in awhile so here we go.

1. You are here to have fun. Please have it.

If your goal is to just complain about event rules, or to try and bend the rules, you are in the wrong place. 

2. Don't like the rules of a certain race? DO NOT ENTER IT.

And please refer to rule number one. This rule is about as clear and easy as it can get. It simply means no bickering/complaining about the rules set by the race organizer. Read the rules they have set, and comply. It's that easy. Have a question regarding legality of a part/technique, etc? Ask away.

If you donít have the correct body, motor, wheels, tires, etc, then either acquire them or find a race that you do have the parts for. Or if youíre so inclined, maybe organize your own race.

But do NOT start requesting rules changes to suit YOU. Such as "I wish you would allow this, or we should change this" comments.

And please, letís remember that these are FRIENDLY competitions. Everyone likes to be competitive and see results from their hard work but letís not get carried away. Always remember that in the end, weíre just grown men and women playing with toy cars. Thereís no national championship or money at stake here. Be kind to each other!


No multiple forum races. If you start a proxy race here then keep it here. It's too confusing to jump from forum to forum to keep up. If someone from another forum wants to join, GREAT. They can make a HRW account for free and join the forum and race. Too easy.

1. Set your rules/guidelines and enforce them.

Avoid changing anything midstream. It leads to confusion and slot car anarchy. Do not feel you are being heavy-handed or too strict. It is YOUR race idea.
If you have an idea for an event, research it first.

When you announce your race and open it up to the members to sign up, be very clear and concise about whatís allowed and whatís not. If you only want square tires made in Bangladesh, say so. 

2. Entry Fees/Shipping.

Make sure you are very clear about what it will cost to enter the race and who takes care of shipping the cars around. If youíre going to charge an entry fee to cover shipping, make sure you have a PayPal account available to reimburse people from for the shipping. 

3. Breakdowns/Failures

Decide what to do with these problems at the beginning of the race. If you have a ďyou break, youíre outĒ policy, then let everyone know that up front. Or if youíre willing to let the host repair the car within reason so it can continue, then state that. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, we would hope itís the latter.


1. Be respectful.

Treat other peopleís hard work with the respect it deserves. 

We all know that cars can and will get damaged in a race but letís at least try to keep it to a minimum. If something does get broken, notify the car owner immediately and ask what he or she wants you to do. If they want it returned to repair themselves, make arrangements to do so. If they agree to have you repair it, do it to the best of your ability. But please, letís not have a smash up derby and then just pour the parts into a box and send them on. This will not be tolerated.

2. At the conclusion of the race, return the cars to their owners in a timely manor.

These races can go on for quite some time and Iím sure people would like their cars back to play with. 

We hope that these common sense rules donít sound heavy handed. Weíre not trying to be at all! We just want everyone to have FUN!