17 November, 2014

1/32nd Scale Carrera BMW Z4 GT3 - Schubert Motorsports - 24H Dubai 2013 #27468
(Analog Version)
Another new release from Carrera just arrived here and just on looks alone this car is a winner to me. It will not appeal to all of you of course, but the artwork on this car is just the beginning and it's time to see if this car runs as good as it looks.

Data At A Glance
Length Width Height Weight
138 MM 62.50 MM 39.75 MM 96 g

The finish on this model is very appealing. Carrera really did a top notch job capturing this chrome-like finish.

I think the car looks good overall in the body shape department. The flares could possibly be more pronounced compared to the prototype photos I have seen but the effort is close enough for my taste. The small details like the markings on the wheels and tires go a long way in the scale appeal department for me as well. I noticed a small blemish on the left hand side but nothing to really disappoint me.

I look at this car and then look at other models costing much more and I have to shake my head. In the fit and finish department I feel Carrera has surpassed the competition. They have consistently releases models that have excellent quality in the artwork and finish departments that simply is not matched by many brands.

Under The Hood

Nothing new here in the chassis department and that is good news to me. I want my models to be compatible in the series and Carrera does not waste time and effort changing things. Gearing is standard with a 9 tooth pinion and 27 tooth crown gear. Bar magnet is more than enough for most enthusiasts on plastic tracks and the newer compound stock tires have decent grip.

Routed Wood Track Test
MidMo International Speedway
4x16 - 3 Lane MDF - Satin/Flat Latex Surface
Slot Car Corner Braid/Flush Mount - Aftermarket Power @ 12 Volts
Professor Motor 2110 Low Voltage Electronic Controllers

Straight from the box to the track this car showed a lot of promise. It was smooth enough that I knew we had a good platform to tune upon and that is all I really look for. Newcomers should be pleased as well. The model has enough magnet in it for fun and fast action and the newer tires grip very well.

Here is a video I hope tells the whole story.

Although the model runs pretty good as is, a lot of us like a tire change. Thankfully, this car has the same size wheels as the new DTM models so I installed Paul Gage XPG 20125 LM XD tires. 

What a difference these make. My lap times were easily into the 3.8 second range and the model was just more fun to drive. I can easily see this car being a go-to choice for modern GT fans.

I can only echo my comments in the video. This model just gives you a lot of bang for your buck and in today's hobby, that cannot be said easily. It has great looks combined with smooth operation. It also lends itself nicely to the tuner in you which just ices the cake for me.


Carrera has added just one more winner in the line up for 2014. With Christmas fast approaching, I can safely advise anyone interested in this type of car to give it a serious look. 

- Harry

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