October 13, 2014

1/32nd Scale Flyslot Chevron B21 - 3 H. Lourenco Marques 1972 #024101
Seeing this model from Flyslot brings back a lot of memories. 15 years seems seems like a lifetime ago when I bought my first "GB TRACK" Fly car and now here we are again. Why bother to look at a model that has been around this long? Just because it has. New enthusiasts are joining us everyday and I think it is great to see a model from years past still being offered today. So for you veterans this is nothing more than a trip down memory lane, but for others it is a brand new car.

Looking at this model is a treat and for me it has always been a nice looking slot car. Back when it was first released the Internet was young as well. Finding data on the 1:1 car was not that easy. Today is different. "Just Google It" as they say. Doing so you will find out about this car in record time. One very good link is found HERE. You will also discover the model won't win any exact scale awards.

It never mattered to most of us back then how imperfect it was, and it still doesn't to me. Take into account this mold is about 15 years old. Back then our hobby was starving for more scale detail and Fly delivered it. Fly was one of the main reasons other slot car manufacturers had to improve the looks of their models even though the scale accuracy was often not that accurate at all. But I think the model stands up well to the test of time. In fact, there are some new molds coming out by other companies that are no better in the scale accuracy department than this one.

Small details like the mirror and even that exhaust pipe won't last long if subjected to repeated hard crashes. I have repaired my fair share.

Paint and markings are done well enough overall. The side number boards have a hint of bleed through but nothing too offensive to me. Up front you can see some flash molding where the chassis was removed from the sprue. It has been like this from the first model and still present today. No issue for me, a quick touch up with a paint marker cleans it up.

The underside reveals no changes, I found it humorous the chassis still has the old GB Track stamp. But then again, why wouldn't it? No sense retooling when you do not need to. The GB Track offshoot brand from Fly back then had some mysterious origins. It was said it was a new division that would target those on a budget by offering models with reduced detail. It made no sense as usual because the brand included the costly Truck Series that likely had the best detail level we had ever seen. I never found out the real reason behind the brand name and it really does not matter to me. This car was a "Fly car" like all the rest and as you can see today it still is. Even under this new label of Flyslot it will always be just a Fly car to me.

The front screw is hidden by the guide. Just rotate it out of the way to expose it.

Inside nothing has changed except the stamping on the motor. Still geared with an 11 tooth pinion and 36 tooth spur gear and has the single button magnet directly in front of the motor. The front has independent wheels which can be bad or good. If this case it is not bad at all. Advanced racers will clean up what little free-play there is or go to a solid axle system.

The rear suspension assembly pops right out and it reveals a single screw that holds the entire pod in place. Many racers loosen this screw to add a little float. If you are wanting to remove the magnet then you must remove the screw and flip the pod over.

Routed Wood Track Test
MidMo International Speedway
4x16 - 3 Lane MDF - Satin/Flat Latex Surface
Slot Car Corner Braid/Flush Mount - Aftermarket Power @ 12 Volts
Professor Motor 2110 Low Voltage Electronic Controllers

Testing this car ended up being a welcome surprise. It ran a lot smoother than expected and that told me we have a good car that will only get better with just a little tuning.

On plastic track, the button magnet really pins it down but not it's not excessive. The only problem with this thick button magnet is that when you push it too hard and it does finally let go? It goes. Most times HARD. Remember that mirror I talked about? I think you get the idea.

But magnet or non-magnet, this car is FUN. Fun to look at, fun to race, fun to tune. Always has been, always will be.

And tuning this car today is a LOT easier. Back in 2001 we didn't have all the parts available like we do now, especially in the tire department. I installed the new Paul Gage PGT-21137 LM tire and it fit perfectly. You might need to lightly sand the inside sidewall to clear the chassis, but that is no issue.

You could go with a lower profile tire using the PGT - 20137 LM if you wanted to start out lower. However, I like the 21 size tires. In the photo you can just see the raised lip of the tire, this is perfect as I can now sand/profile the tire to my liking without losing the diameter I want.

Of course there are those that dislike this brand. They can be rather troublesome to say the least if you get a bad one. From cracked wheels, warped chassis, tires that turn to goo that is still one of the World's greatest unsolved mysteries...you name it, a Flyslot car earned the reputation some give it.

Yet this car is still desirable. Especially this new one. It runs well and seems to be free of any major issues. Of course I am going to go through it and tune it a little, but I see no reason for a major overhaul.

Final Thoughts

This is one car that has had many articles written about it over the years. It can be tuned to be one tough customer on the track and that alone made it a go-to choice for many racers. I only collected a few but the ones I have are rockets and rank right up there with some of the fastest Fly cars in my collection.

So I am happy to add one more Chevron to my collection. These cars have been a lot of fun for many of us over the years and this one will fit right in. As I said in the video, one of the best things about this car is that it's available again for the newcomer. Of course they need some tuning once in awhile, but overall not a bad model for someone to start experiencing this brand.

- Harry

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