Opel Calibra – DTM / ITC ’95

The newest competitor for the Classic DTM series has arrived. This series needed some fresh sheet metal to spark more interest and this release just might be what some have been waiting for.

Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Motor Gearing
 145.50 MM  60 MM  37.25 MM  80 MM  67.85 g  21K @ 12 VDC  9/28

Of course the series itself isn’t the most popular has created, at least on our side of the world. Very few people I have shown these models to can hardly identify them.  Yet that can be said for a fair amount of models in this hobby. I know plenty of racers that really didn’t identify or have much appeal for the Group C offerings, UNTIL they raced one that is.

This latest model has a lot going for it as a slot car. So regardless of your knowledge of this series, you should appreciate the effort here. Markings are crisp and clean and the car looks the part very well for our scale.

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