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Carrera DTM Tuning – My Home Wood Track

If there is a series of cars that have really impressed me in the last few years, it’s this one from Carrera. The DTM line of models are just beautifully done on the outside, and not much to do on the inside to get them how I prefer.

There more advanced approaches to tuning these, but this one works for me. I’m just a simple home racer. My goal is to get them as smooth as possible using most of the stock parts.  With the investments I have made in tools for tuning, getting this car to perform to my standards is quite easy. So let’s get started shall we?

Here is the parts list I will use for this tuning. I am including links to the source for your convenience and reference. 

I do own a tire machine. Mine is the Tire Razor. Just about any machine that allows the axles installed will work. You don’t need one, but these machines pay for themselves in a very short time. The amount of stock wheels I have “saved” by truing them has in turn saved me quite a bit of money in aluminum replacement wheels, axles, gears, etc. 

The one change I make from stock is the guide system. I like getting the guide lower in order to create that ideal tripod effect. Other than this, the rest of the car is all stock aside from the rear tires.

CG Slotcars Large Guide Adaptor

Paul Gage Tires

Sloting Plus Guide

Tinned Copper Braid

Assorted Guide Spacers

Silicone Stranded Copper Lead Wire

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