How To Insert A Photo in the HRW Forum

Here is a quick guide on how to insert photos in our forum.

You MUST have uploaded your photos to somewhere on the web.

When you start a new topic or reply to one, click the icon shown below.

When you click on that button, a box will appear. The top box shows you an example of what you need. The bottom box is where YOU paste your URL.

Once you have copied the URL from Photobucket or anywhere you have your photos stored, using your mouse just right click and paste the URL in the box when it appears.

Once you have it pasted inside the box, click Insert into message as shown below.

After you press insert into message, this code will appear below. You have successfully added a photo.

To add multiple photos and to keep them aligned, HIT ENTER TWICE to bring the blinking cursor down 2 rows as shown below.

Then paste your URL in the box and hit insert into message. The code will appear as shown below.

Now you can either hit SUBMIT to post it right away, OR Preview. Hitting preview simply shows if you have done it right and lets you edit if need be.

After hitting submit it should look like this below.

Nice and neat. Keeping photos aligned helps keep the message from scrolling to the left and is easier to follow.

Hope this helps some of you!

- Harry

You can CONTACT ME for any more help.